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Luxury candles by Soak&Sleep

... and breathe. We've designed and developed our luxury candle collection with your requirements in mind. Generous scents, finest mineral wax, and exemplary provenance - the things that matter to you also matter to us. In the mood for fresh fig, or gentle jasmine? Our evocative fragrances range from nostalgic and inviting to bright and refreshing, so there's bound to be one to suit your home.

To develop our range, we started close to home. Every candle is hand-poured by our friends in Surrey. They use cotton, lead-free wicks, and blended mineral wax - their best recommendation for a clean, generous burn. For the fragrances, we were inspired by our travels around the world: transform your home into an elegant Japanese Pagoda, a nostalgic, English rose-filled nook, or a wintry forest. Scent has the power to bring back memories, or start creating wonderful new ones. Just like perfume, you can layer up your scented candles or use them to define areas in your home. Or try using a signature scent for all your happy days and gatherings this season, and make new scent memories to treasure.

Each candle will provide around 40 hours of fragrance. To get the best from your candle, trim the wick carefully before each use. Burn for at least an hour (to ensure even melting of the wax) and no more than 4 hours at a time. Don't forget to blow them out before you leave the house!

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