Interesting Facts About Dreams

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Having a comfortable night sleep is very important to relax and feel refreshed in the morning.
A good rest refills your energy levels, ensures your body revitalises and most importantly allows your conscience to dream.
Dreaming, otherwise known as ‘Rapid Eye Movement’, is essential for…

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Perfect cup of tea
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Making a cup of tea is one of life’s small pleasures. For some people it’s a way of waking up in the morning, while for others it’s a relaxing comfort at the end of a long day.
A brief history of tea…
The very first

Latex…Why the hype?

Latex Properties
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Memory foam is great for relieving pressure, but it has its downsides – it feels a bit like getting into a vat of pudding (great if you’re that way inclined) and, to be perfectly honest, it does have a distinctive smell. 
Latex is a brilliant…

Banish Shampoo from Your Bathroom

Banish Shampoo
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Trying to choose a shampoo out of the hundreds that line the shelves in all manner of curvy and colourful bottles, all claiming to make your hair shine like the sun and feel softer than a baby duck, can be nearly impossible.
There are alternatives;…

Bed Bugs – The Facts

Bed Bugs - The facts
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“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This phrase if so often said as we bid each other goodnight, but what is it we’re actually warning against? What are bed bugs, and how exactly do we stop them from biting?
What are they?…
The common bed