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Buying a better mattress

A guide to our Hypnos range

Are you looking for a fabulous mattress? Our Hypnos range is extraordinary. Here’s all you need to know about industry accreditation, quality standards, and mattress construction.

What’s in a mattress?

All the mattresses in our Hypnos range are made by hand. They’re finished with silver-infused Belgian damask (excellent breathability and wicking properties) and rows of hand-stitching (to keep the edges strong and upright).

So far, so good. But how do you choose between the Supreme, Ultimate, Luxury, and Classic Hypnos mattress? When you’re buying a mattress, you should look for two key things: the spring system and the upholstery layers.

Pocket vs. open springs?

1. An open spring system is very widely-used and it’s less expensive than pocket springs. It’s less responsive but can still be strong and supportive, especially for single sleepers or children.

Pocket springs are better because each one is individually cased. A good pocket spring has ‘memory’ so it will be supportive and strong for years to come.

Hypnos gives us even more information about the quality of your springs, by specifying the ‘active turns’. The number of active turns in a spring tells you how responsive it will be. Each spring individually responds to the weight put upon it, providing natural alignment for your spine, and cradling the body across every inch. The more active turns, the more customised the support (and the softer the bed will feel).

What about the upholstery layers?

Of course, you can’t feel the springs when you lie on a good mattress. That’s because you are cushioned by layers of padding – and these will dramatically affect the quality of comfort. Natural materials like cashmere and lambswool are favoured by top-end bedmakers and, for ultimate durability, are hand-tufted by a master craftsman.

We’ve prepared diagrams to show you precisely what’s in ours. The Hypnos craftsmen pack them with lovely stuff like:

Cashmere – lightweight hair from the Cashmere goat, renowned for its ultra-softness, cashmere is also breathable, allowing air to permeate through the mattress for a more hygienic environment.

Silk – light, fine natural yarns that have excellent durability and provide a soft, breathable sleeping surface, with good temperature regulating properties.

Wool – naturally insulative and bouncy, wool will also regulate temperature and permit air through for better circulation. Hypnos sources wool in a responsible manner and supports Prince Charles’s campaign to use more British wool.

Classic Hypnos Oban Deluxe
Luxury Hypnos with Silk

Supreme Hypnos with Latex
Ultimate Hypnos with Cashmere

Who made that mattress?

Hypnos makes four mattresses just for us. This illustrious company is the only bedmaker actively supplying the royal family, but for us, it was the mattresses that clinched it. Each one really is “a labour of love”. How does Hypnos do it?

Forget about factory manufacture. Think tailoring scissors, bulging sacks of natural wool, and strong needles coaxing the filling into place. The business has been operating since the early 1900s – renamed Hypnos after the Greek god of sleep – and Hypnos mattresses are still individually built by master craftsmen.

Materials are very carefully vetted and a Hypnos mattress is fully recyclable at the end of its life. By adopting sustainable working practices and pledging to plant around 1000 trees annually, Hypnos is the first British bed maker to achieve carbon neutral status (BS PAS 2060).

Here are some pictures of a craftsman at work for you to enjoy.

Look behind the label.

Labels sometimes lie, so it’s important to have a way of knowing that you’re buying from a trusted supplier. In the world of mattresses, the NBF is the name to look for.

What the NBF?

The National Bed Federation is the mattress police. They’ve launched a code of practice to ensure that the mattress you buy will be “honest, clean, and safe”. It’s caused a stir among traders, some of whom have their own ideas about a decent mattress.

Why? As you may have heard on the news, not everyone trades with honesty or integrity. Step in the Feds, who commissioned an audit to independently test mattress sellers and provide you with a list of the good guys. Visit bedfed.org.uk to find out more.

NBF code of practice approved

Hypnos is an NBF approved member. Our Hypnos mattresses are made with pride, tested with scruples, and sold with honesty. In other words, you’ll know precisely what you’re getting.

The Code of Practice covers three areas:

  • 1 – Trade descriptions. To ensure that products are made and sold the way they’re described.
  • 2 – Health and safety. To ensure control of supplier base and quality of materials, complying with BS1425 and EN 12936:2001 (feather and down).
  • 3 – Flammability. To ensure that mattresses comply with BS7177 as well as the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1988.

Watch how our Hypnos mattresses are made