Mattress Protector Buyers' Guide


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Is a protector a worthwhile investment? Many mattress manufacturers recommend using a protector - and if youv'e spent time and money on your mattress, we think it makes sense to protect it.

What are the real benefits of using a protector? Firstly, this extra layer will draw away body moisture, preventing unsightly perspiration stains. The protector also adds a layer of protection against dust mites and dead skin; wash it regularly and you will keep your mattress in a healthier condition.

If you're new to protectors, here's a five-minute guide to choosing the right one for you.

Types of protector

As well as protecting your mattress with a mattress protector, you can add a pillow protector. Both types do the same job: keeping stains from your unwashable bedding, and reducing the mites and skin particles that penetrate your bed. Both types will extend the life of your pillows and mattresses, keeping them fresher and cleaner for longer.

Protector sizes

This is a straightforward decision: pick the size that matches your mattress or pillow. Protectors are designed for a snug fit. Mattress protectors have an elasticated skirt so they won't rumple or loosen during the night.

So it's worth measuring your mattress if you're uncertain. Soak&Sleep pillow protectors are available in standard, superking, and square; our mattress protectors are available in single, double, king, and superking. The sizes match our bedding ranges.

Protector ranges

This is your biggest decision. Do you need to protect your mattress from wet spills? If so, it has to be one of our waterproof protectors - they're not horrible squeaky sheets, as you may have come to believe! Modern waterproof protectors are surprisingly soft and towel-like, made from an innovative contemporary form of polyurethane that won't squeak as you sleep.

If waterproof isn't a necessity, then browse through our classic and luxury ranges. The luxury protectors are stuffed with twice the amount of 100% cotton wadding (200g/m2). They're designed for serious protection. Classic offers mid-price protection, perfect for those on a bit of a budget, with 100% polyester stuffed in at 100g/m2.

Finally, our mattress and pillow encasements are a new addition to the collection. These protectors give you 100% protection from bed bugs for a healthy, allergy-free sleep zone.

Protector depth

Last but not least, you may be asked to choose from the standard (30cm) or extra-depth (40cm) protectors, a measurement that refers to the depth of the elasticated skirt.

What's the benefit of having an extra 10cm depth on your protector? Well, firstly, consider the depth of your mattress. If you have a luxury mattress, it may be deeper than usual. If you wish to add a topper to your mattress, now or later, then you'll need a larger protector to stretch over everything. On the other hand, if you have a regular mattress and no need for a topper, then a standard protector will fit better.