The Finest Bed and Bath Products from Around the World

Fabulous quality.
Hand-picked products.
From the finest ingredients.

We visit factories and craftsmen around the world until we find ones that can create the ultimate products to our exacting specification. We then design and test all of our products until they are perfect. We always ensure that we select craftsman who work closely with their own suppliers of raw materials - that's our little secret to ensuring our ingredients are always the best of the best.

Our products are tested for quality at their original source, then by our factories, and lastly by us. We use one of the world's most prestigious and reliable testing houses. So from our white, fluffy down to our long, luscious cotton; not only do we demand the highest standard, we check and test these ingredients every step of the way to ensure that no inferior little feathers or fibres sneak their way in to our products!

Additionally, here at Soak&Sleep we are committed to our company values of being authentic, open, focused and engaged, whilst giving brilliant quality at unbeatable prices. Therefore, throughout the buying process our expert team will never buy feather and down products from suppliers who condone or practise live plucking, animal mistreatment, intensive rearing, or force feeding (foe gras). We do not tolerate any forms of animal cruelty, and will continue to adhere to these standards during development, always keeping animal welfare at the front of our minds.