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Towel Buyers' Guide


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At Soak&Sleep we're fascinated by what makes a great towel. Our team spends an unusual amount of time checking out the towels in hotels, browsing department stores, and opening samples from all over the world. This means we're ideally positioned to help you find your perfect towel. Whether you want an everyday set of towels to give to newlyweds, or a big, fluffy towel for bath-time pampering, Soak&Sleep can help.

Start with our guide to the basics - and if you have any more questions, contact us at, and one of our towel experts will get right back to you!

Types of towel

Our towels come in four classic sizes to suit your bathroom. We sell them all separately so that you can order one or two to re-stock. Face cloths and hand towels are everyday essentials. Bath towels are slightly smaller than bath sheets - you get an extra 6-7cm width and length on a sheet, ideal if you like to be well-wrapped.

We also offer extremely affordable towel bales (essential range only) comprising 2 face cloths (30 x 30cm), 2 hand towels (50 x 100cm), and 2 bath towels (70 x 140cm) - a great gift for first-time buyers, students, and newly-weds.

Towel weight

When shopping for towels, the most important piece of information to look for is the fabric weight. In general, the heavier the towel, the thicker and cuddlier it will be. (Some cotton fibres, such as microcotton, are finer, which produces an even thicker, softer towel - even at the same weight as a different cotton.)

Look for a weight of at least 400gm/m2 of 100% cotton to get a thick, luxurious finish. We wouldn't sell anything less than this - and at Soak&Sleep we offer ranges weighing 400gm/m2, 450gm/m2, 600gm/m2, and 650gm/m2.

Towel ranges

The more you spend on a towel, the better it's likely to be. At Soak&Sleep our focus is on high quality products that are competitively priced. For example, we don't think you'll find a 650gm/m2 cotton bath sheet for less than our ultimate supima bath sheet - and we continuously monitor the competition to ensure that we're right.

Our ultimate supima range is made from an American cotton yarn (supima cotton) with longer, finer fibres: in fact they're 35% longer than the ones in traditional cotton. This means that there are fewer yarn ends, so you won't get as much bobbling or wear. Soak&Sleep supima towels are fluffier and better than the high-street versions. Want the proof? They're a whopping 650 grammes per square metre!

Our luxury range is made from innovative microcotton, which we discovered in the States. Its 600gm/m2 weight is still unusual in the UK market. If you're looking for something slightly more everyday, our classic range is certainly up to the job. At 450gm/m2 of pure cotton, it wipes the floor with most average high-street offerings.

And for stocking up the airing cupboard, or low-cost towels for a new home, order a pile of towels from our essential range. These 400gm/m2 towels, while still offering great quality, are sold in super-affordable bales.

Towel colours

Naturally, you'll want a towel to coordinate with your bathroom decor. We offer 9 different colours accross our ranges.

Think we need another colour? Why not drop us a line and make your suggestion - our team is always ready to listen to ideas. Email