Welcome To the Duvet and Pillow Warehouse

About us

We are really proud of Soak&Sleep and are so pleased that you want to know more about us, so here we go...

We set out with the simple aim to provide fabulous bed and bath products for a lot less than the high-street.


Glossy advertising, expensive photo shoots, and fancy bags are OK but you end up paying higher prices. We wondered if there was a way to do it better – after all, you sleep under your duvet, not the bag it came in.

That was the idea that's made Soak&Sleep a soaring success. The team (as it grew) focused on quality, travelling the planet to commission the fine products they wanted at the prices they could afford. We work hard to stay on top of innovations in fabric (like memory foam and microfibre) and keep designing home comforts that feel unbelievably luxurious. Customers are surprised by the unsurpassed level of quality they find in a Soak&Sleep package. We share all our favourite discoveries, so that you can sleep on five-star bedding (without paying millionaire prices).

We're expanding slowly and tastefully, ensuring our product range is still 'us'. Today we sell shedloads, but the team is still small and our concept remains the same. Gorgeous home comforts, honestly priced, all powered by great customer service. You love us. We love you. Let's never part.