Our history

Before our name change, Soak&Sleep was Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, or DAPW for short – and it all started with a duvet.

In 2005 Charles Hunt had an idea that turned out to be fabulous. It was simple: duvets and pillows in the UK were being sold through traditional outlets at vastly inflated prices. That was because they were dictated by overheads like retail premises, glossy catalogues and expensive advertising campaigns.

Light bulb moment!

By selling directly from a warehouse, Charlie worked out that he could cut prices by around 40% - and supply duvets and pillows that would compete with the very best in any department store.

‘Duvet and Pillow Warehouse’ spelled out exactly what the company did. With very little cash to throw at his idea, Charlie focused on cutting on cutting out the wasteful costs – he spent £99 on the first website, and found a manufacturer that would supply to demand. He tested out the idea, working from his spare room in Surrey, without splashing out any huge investment.

The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse rocket

Catching the trend for Google Adwords (capturing online traffic from popular searches) and the ‘bargain-hunting’ mood all over Britain, Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, or DAPW for short, became an overwhelming success. For the following years growth was at 50% per annum, as customer loyalty – and word of mouth – grew exponentially.

The DAPW team – 8 employees in 2011, rising to 19 in 2013 – was initially composed of marketing and buying experts who knew what was good about a duvet and how to show it off. It’s grown to cover a broad spectrum of roles. Customer testimonials started to appear in the thousands – almost every parcel is opened with surprise and delight – the way you feel when you score an amazing bargain!

The product range grew with the company. From just a small selection of carefully sourced duvets and pillows, the range slowly increased to include toppers, protectors, bed linen, towels, bathmats, and then mattresses from the illustrious Hypnos – as well as lots of seasonal specials (like the sell-out Christmas hot water bottles!) that we can’t resist adding! Duvet and Pillow Warehouse (DAPW) morphed into a bed and bath retailer, and started supplying hotels as well as personal customers.

Duvet and Pillow Warehouse becomes Soak&Sleep

In 2014, after months of preparation, the team changed the company name to Soak&Sleep. “We wanted a fantastic new name to match the quality of our products,” said Charlie. “We liked Soak&Sleep as it’s catchy and sums us up perfectly. It’s only the name that’s changed, we still have the same fabulous products at great prices, just more of them.”

What’s next for Duvet and Pillow Warehouse?

Charlie’s still in charge at our HQ in Guildford, and he’s still determined to stay ahead by making the very best products at the very best prices. Our buyers work harder than ever to keep on top of innovations in fabric and trends in colour to give you the best in bed and bath. Every new product is carefully developed and screened before it arrives on the virtual shelves at Soak&Sleep, just like it was when we were DAPW.

And our values are still the same as they were on day one…

1. Guaranteed Best Prices

2. Fabulous Quality

3. Brilliant Service

4. Unrivalled Expertise