We've changed our name from DAPW to Soak&Sleep.
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Call: 01483 437762 Mon to Fri 9:00 - 5:00

What is Soak&Sleep?

Soak&Sleep is the fastest growing company in the bed and bath sector. We have seen explosive growth by offering a unique combination of beautiful bed & bath products without the wasteful mark up. No fancy shops. No middlemen. No silly overheads. We just work tirelessly to bring the world the finest bed and bath products direct from the makers.

We are now building for our next phase of growth, with lots of exciting changes underway, For example we have just launched 365 day returns and are planning many other initiatives just too secret to talk about.


Our head office is in Guildford. We are a few minutes from Guildford station if you are travelling by train. It's not a fancy office and you have to make your own tea, but it is the global HQ.

Why would you want to even consider working at Soak&Sleep?

We are a fast moving e-commerce business that is leading the way in transforming retail. We think this is exciting.
We are breaking the mould, experimenting and developing new ways of working.
We are implementing some of the latest digital techniques.
We are not a traditional retailer.
We are building a remarkable team. We already have great people on board and a great culture.
You'll be given responsibility, empowered to make important decisions, expected to take the initiative and pushed to your limits.
You want to be part of the team that creates a category killer business.