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Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa protects your card twice when you shop online with Visa - firstly with a personal message, and secondly with your own secret password.

You can use it at more than 70,000 shopping websites and the Soak&Sleep. And more are joining every day.

It's simple to sign up. It's simple to shop.

How it works

If you're used to shopping online, using and trusting Verified by Visa will come as second nature.

If you're not, then this is a reassuring place to start.

Using Verified by Visa, your Visa card will work just as it does now. It will also work with online retailers who are not yet offering the Verified by Visa service.

It's this simple to sign up:

  • Sign up for the service with the bank or organisation that issues your Visa card
  • Choose a password and a personal message
  • When you've signed up, you can shop at any online retailers offering Verified by Visa

With so many places to shop, the choosing might be hard. But the shopping is easy, yet totally secure.

It's this simple to shop:

  • Choose what you want to buy
  • Go to the check-out page
  • Enter your Visa card details as usual
  • The website will indicate whether or not it offers Verified by Visa
  • Your personal assurance message tells you that the bank or organisation that issued your Visa card is asking for your password
  • Enter your password, click 'submit'
  • Your identity is confirmed
  • Job done