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The perfect mix.

A natural option that's designed for comfort. Loaded with real duck down, this medium-firm pillow is perfect for all the family - with a mighty reasonable price tag.

Why we love it

Our Duck Down pillow is plump and robust, for a supportive finish. Stuffed with 60% duck down, it's lighter and puffier.

How does it feel?

Our gorgeous duck down and feather filling is thoroughly sterilised before being packed into a luxurious 233TC cotton case. The process renders it hypo-allergenic, which is brilliant news for allergy sufferers. It's the down that provides puff and lightness in your pillow, while feather adds structure and support. This pillow is a softer natural option than Duck Feather, and just a little more affordable than the ones stuffed with Goose down.

Why buy our Duck Down Pillow?

It's a superbly priced down-and-feather option, with more down giving extra softness. Perfect if you sleep on your back or in a pair for additional height if you sleep on your side.

Give your pillows a shake and plump every day to keep them in tip-top condition.
Size option Standard
Size Standard - 2 pack
Fill Type Down & Feather
Firmness Medium Firm
Filling (outer chamber) 60% White Duck Down, 40% Feather
Filling (inner chamber) 95% White Duck Feather, 5% White Duck Down
Product Dimensions (cm) 50 x 75
Fill Weight (g) 2x110g+1400g
Fabric 100% Cotton
Thread Count 233 TC
External Baffle Wall Yes

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Wonderful products, timely delivery and peaceful nights. Loved the pillow and the duvet. Will come back for more. (Posted on 31/05/2016)

Review by
I purchased the medium to firm luxury duck down pillows. They seem very well made with a nice casing material and came in good storage bags. They have a fair bit of depth and are very full so I can only sleep with one under my head. I think they have a great balance between firm support but still being soft enough to be comfortable. The feathers must be really fine as well, as you can't feel them through the pillow at all.
I do also have the ultimate Hungarian goose down pillows from Soak & Sleep which are soft to medium and are amasing for when you want to melt into a cloud like pillow.
I'm very pleased with my purchases, good pillows are definitely a worthy investment!
(Posted on 16/04/2016)

Review by
Excellent quality. The 600 thread count sheet and pillowcases feel very soft and smooth, the pillow protectors are excellent, best I have found. Not quote so sure about the duck down pillows, they feel very heavy compared with others, but they are comfortable to sleep on, and provide good support for the neck. (Posted on 31/03/2016)

Review by
I ordered 4 pillows to replace some ageing Fogarty ones that myself and my wife have had for some years. we both prefer fairly firm pillows and these seemed to be a good option as they were well recommended and a very reasonable price. They certainly are as described 'luxury pillows' and they are really comfortable and soft, but still firm. My only problem with them is that they are slightly larger than the normal standard of 45cm wide, and so they fit tightly into our pillow cases which makes them a little fatter than usual. As a consequence we do not really need 2 each at the moment as it makes the total pillow height too high for comfort. However, one pillow is so lovely to sleep on that this is not a problem, and as we assume that they will flatten out a bit as they age that we will have the other 2 new ones to add when we need them. The end result is a very happy customer with 4 lovely pillows (though only 2 in use yet) and I would highly recommend them, with the only proviso that one should take care when ordering that they are that little wider than usual and it does make a difference. (Posted on 09/03/2016)

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