Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

"I am delighted with the pillows - good quality and excellent value."

Trustpilot, Sep 2015
Find out what makes our Hungarian Goose Down Pillows so special...

Hungarian goose down pillows are among the best in the world. But ours are top of the pile. Here’s why!

Our Hungarian goose down is gathered, sorted, sterilised and stuffed in Hungary. We work with a family business that does things the old-fashioned way. Instead of bombarding the down with chemicals they use thermally-heated water to wash the down, which is sorted in a series of wooden machines.

This lovely filling is stuffed into pillows, which have an inner chamber of mostly goose feather, and then the whole lot’s stuffed into a two-layer downproof case for extra security.

Our expert says:"Chamber construction is especially good for pillows. It means that you have a sturdy core, with up to 90% goose feather. This keeps your pillow looking plush and fat for longer. The core is surrounded by a layer of mostly down, the puffy, air-retaining filling that gives you a sumptuous consistency."

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