Soak and Sleep

Soak&Sleep name change

Duvet and Pillow Warehouse has become Soak&Sleep...

Why the change? In 2005 Charlie Hunt launched Duvet and Pillow Warehouse from his spare bedroom in Surrey. He had one simple aim: to provide great quality duvets and pillows at a fraction of the high street price. At a time when we all want quality AND value, Charlie tapped the market, and soon thousands of customers were on the website. First DAPW outgrew its modest HQ, then it outgrew its website, and now it has outgrown its name!

It's only a name...
We’re still here – with all the beautiful stuff you’ve come to love. We simply wanted a new name that reflected our bigger selection. But “Loads of Bedroom and Bathroom Things, Better than Anyone’s, Straight to Your Door” didn’t roll off the tongue. The new name had to show off our expertise without being too long or corny. Soak&Sleep. Do you like it? We think it sums up what we do in a wonderfully inviting way.

So hop in the bath with Soak&Sleep. We’re the same team and we’ve still got:

  • 1. Best prices - GUARANTEED!
  • 2. Fabulous quality
  • 3. Brilliant service
  • 4. Unrivalled expert advice