Story of Hungarian Duvet

The Hungarian Story


We believe everything you get from us should be special. That’s why all our products come with a few little promises. Total authenticity, made with the finest ingredients and fabulous quality. All at the guaranteed best price.

Made in Hungary

Duvets and pillows may look the same but its the ingredients and construction that matter.
Here’s the story of our authentic Hungarian duvets and pillows.

Real Hungarian down made in Hungary

Our Hungarian Down duvets and pillows are made with Hungarian down in Hungary by the country's finest family-owned manufacturer. If it’s not made in Hungary from Hungarian down, you can’t call it Hungarian!

Finest ingredients

It is recognised that some of the best European down comes from Hungary. We then insist on the finest grade of Hungarian down which gives our duvets that cloud like feel.

Wooden machines

Quaint and old fashioned? Perhaps, but our little factory uses wooden sorting machines to grade our down. Wood is anti-static, so the down is separated with more precision, helping to preserve the naturally large down clusters.

Thermal spring water

Thermal spas are synonymous with luxury and purity, so because we love to create the best, our Hungarian down is washed in thermally heated spring water from our very own spring. We think fewer chemicals are better.

Hand finishing

Our duvets are hand finished. They stuff the down into the 280 thread count cotton casing, box stitch it to ensure the filling remains evenly spread and finally double stitched and piped around the edge.

Certified guarantee of authenticity

Every one of our Hungarian duvets and pillows comes with an individual Hungarian Chamber of Commerce certificate of authenticity. What’s more they also they are certified by EDFA (European Feather and Down Association), Oeko-Tex and No-Mite.