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"A week on from having my new topper I'm sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed ready to face the day! I highly recommend this product."

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If you're looking for serious support, welcome to the world of memory foam toppers.

This high-tech material was designed for NASA and is now used to provide specialist spine and neck relief.

Memory foam toppers soften under your body to provide customised sleeping support, helping to keep your spine straight. The movement is so localised that you won’t be disturbed by your partner moving in the night.

But… in the interest of honesty, we must tell you that a memory foam mattress will keep you quite warm. Perfect if you like a cosy bed. If you’re a hot sleeper and you want a memory foam mattress, try using a lower tog-rated duvet to balance your temperature.

Our expert says: “How firm can you go? The greater the density of the memory foam, the firmer the topper will be. It will also be more durable and keep its original properties for longer. (Watch out for manufacturers who put additives in their memory foam products - we don't - to artificially boost their density.) The deeper the topper, the better job it will do for a bad mattress.”

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