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"A week on from having my new topper I'm sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed ready to face the day! I highly recommend this product."

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If feather and down gets up your nose, this is the page for you! We’ve got a pile of hypoallergenic, natural toppers for you to relax upon.

Allergy-sufferers will welcome our springy bundles of natural wool, silk and cotton. So will anyone looking for a firmer finish on their bed. These natural fibres make some of the very best toppers for your mattress. Do we hear you asking, ‘why?’

Firstly they’re naturally hypoallergenic – these natural fibres aren’t welcoming to dust mites and bugs. (Air them in the sunshine to rejuvenate their defence.) Secondly they’re breathable, allowing oxygen to pass through and reach your skin. This also means that they’re good at keeping you at a steady temperature, all year long. Finally (our favourite part) they’re really absorbent, to banish sweaty bits in bed!

Our expert says: “A natural topper isn’t as thick and soft as a feather and down one. It might be better to call it a ‘layer’ rather than a topper because the depth is somewhere between a protector and a topper. It gives you a slender layer of warmth, protection and support. That means you’ll need to have a mattress that’s in reasonable condition. If you can feel the springs and are looking for a rescue remedy then you will need something thicker.”

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