Face Cloths

Face Cloths

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All the poshest washers use a face cloth. If you’re serious about facial care, you’re probably a fan of the flannel!

Why? Because washing your face with a face cloth can help remove dead and dry skin cells – leaving your skin feeling extra-smooth and clean. It’s recommended by some of our favourite skin experts, and a flannel is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes or cotton wool.

Natural, absorbent, heat-retaining cotton is best for a face cloth. You should always use a clean face cloth (which is why ours come in packs of two so that you can alternate).

Handy tip: We call it a face cloth but these little flannels (30cm x 30cm) are great for an all-over body wash in the shower too. In fact, using a flannel can help your shower gel to go further – just squirt on a little bit and lather up!

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