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The UK’s No. 1 Duvet Brand as voted by Which? Magazine
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Emperor Duvets

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Buying an Emperor size duvet? Lucky, lucky you! Britain’s most decadent bed size calls for a totally amazing duvet. And we’ve got loads of those!
Our Emperor duvets measure 290cm x 235cm (9ft 6” x 7ft 8”): they’re made to fit a mattress measuring 215cm x 215cm (7ft x 7ft), with plenty of overhang. If you need an Emperor duvet with a different filling, let us know – we might be able to help.
Our expert says: “We stock Emperor size duvets in all our tog weights. 4.5 TOG is a lighter duvet for summer, 9 TOG is a midweight option, and 13.5 TOG is perfect for winter nights. The All Seasons set contains a 4.5 TOG and 9 TOG duvet that can be snapped together to create a 13.5 TOG.”
“Choose between Supreme Canadian Down and Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down: these are our two most luxurious ranges, and they’re perfect for your luxurious bed. Both these Emperor duvets are stuffed with 100% goose down, but the provenance makes the difference – just look at the difference in thickness. Supreme Canadian Down is stuffed with down from geese reared in small flocks in the mega-cold Canadian climate. It’s lighter and softer than anything else we’ve ever sampled. That’s why Supreme Canadian is our current favourite.”

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