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No mattress is a one-size-fits-all, but we've narrowed our range down to just seven choices. Rest easy!

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Double Sized Mattresses

Double Mattresses

Perfect for sharing and gorgeous from end to end.

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King Sized Mattresses

King Size Mattresses

Big, bold and beautiful; mattresses truly fit for royalty.

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  • Press
    Elle DecorationUltimate Othopedic Mattress

    "You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality mattress and a fabulous nights sleep."
  • Press
    Homes & Gardens, Winter 2016Happy Snoozing!

    "Guaranteed to set you up for a great night snoozing!"
  • Press
    Financial Times, 2015Ultimate Hypnos with Cashmere

    "The real king of dreams is a cashmere model by Hypnos"

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Carefully chosen to help you sleep better.

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Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos Mattresses

Handmade in the UK to Royal Warrant specifications.

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Want your perfect mattress? We’re here to help you find it faster! Here’s a 30-second guide to the basics: Open Spring Mattresses are – generally firmer and cheaper than other types. You can make them softer by adding a mattress topper. For tailored support, Pocket Spring is a system of individually-wrapped springs. They work independently, providing firmer resistance exactly where you need it. On top of springs is padding. It pays to get good stuff! The best bedmakers use natural materials like cashmere and lambswool (and we’ve incorporated it into some of our finest mattresses).

Top Picks
  1. Sleep Luxury Box Top Spring Mattress
    Sleep Luxury Box Top Spring Mattress
    £315.00 - £655.00
    In stock
  2. Classic Hypnos with Wool Mattress
    Classic Hypnos with Wool Mattress
    £525.00 - £825.00
    In stock
  3. Luxury Hypnos with Silk Mattress
    Luxury Hypnos with Silk Mattress
    £750.00 - £1,485.00
    In stock
  4. Ultimate Hypnos with Cashmere Mattress
    Ultimate Hypnos with Cashmere Mattress
    £990.00 - £1,908.00
    In stock
  5. Sleep Luxury 3600 Pocket Spring Mattress
    Sleep Luxury 3600 Pocket Spring Mattress
    £425.00 - £650.00
    In stock