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Single Mattresses

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Just think of all the hours you’ll spend on it. Then buy the very best single mattress you can afford – it’s an investment that will pay you back.
At each end of the price scale, we’ve designed the options with thought and care. Choose between a sensational natural Hypnos single mattress, our jaw-droppingly good Ultimate Orthopaedic, or the well-priced Classic Orthopaedic. You’ll pay less for a quality single mattress here, because we manufacture and sell direct to you. You can’t go wrong with Soak&Sleep.
Our expert says: “All our mattresses are standard UK sizing so you don’t have to buy new bed linen (unless you want to of course)! Our single mattresses (sometimes referred to as a twin in other countries) are 90cm x 190cm (3ft 0” x 6ft 3”). Did you know that it gives you more room than half a double?”
Handy tips: Save even more money! If your single mattress is already OK, you could just add a topper – for better comfort and hygiene. Easy to wash and cheap to replace, too!

Please note: Due to a fire that broke out at our courier's (Arrow XL) warehouse in Worcester, you may experience delivery delays of up to 10 working days on your mattress and furniture orders. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. For further information or if you have any queries, please contact our customer service team on or call 01483 437762 (Open Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm).

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  1. Classic Soak&Sleep Mattress - Single
    High Street Price £175.00 Save 10% £157.50
    In stock
  2. Luxury Soak&Sleep Mattress - Single
    High Street Price £230.00 Save 7% £215.00
    In stock
  3. Ultimate Soak&Sleep Mattress - Single
    High Street Price £599.00 Save 47% £315.00
    In stock
  4. Supreme Support Mattress - Single
    Was £360.00 Save 30% Sale £252.00
    In stock
  5. Luxury Hypnos with Silk Mattress - Single
    High Street Price £795.00 Save 6% £750.00
    In stock
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