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Microfibre Pillows

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Polyester pillows are easy to care for and great value. But how do you know which is right for you?
Hollowfibre and microfibre are both fibres made from polyester, measured in denier they have very different properties. Hollowfibre is a hollow strand of polyester and is the thickest of the denier range, typically 7D is used in hollowfibre pillows. The fibre is much like wool, it's coarser and springy which helps to create loft and support whilst staying lightweight. Microfibre is a very fine fibre; almost as soft and silky as silk itself. Its incredible softness means it won’t produce more than a medium-firm pillow, unless blended with hollowfibre.

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  1. Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Pillows
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  2. Anti-Allergy Microfibre Pillow
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  3. Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Pillows
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