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Pregnancy Pillows

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Tired and aching mums-to-be, come this way. Try our pregnancy pillows and relax. Cosy up and let it support your bump, back and ankles – so much better than resting them on a grumbly sleeping partner…
Our expert says:“Thousands of pregnant women swear by pregnancy pillows like this. If your nights are restless, try a Luxury Body Pillow. For pregnant women, keeping the spine aligned is especially important. Squeeze the pillow between your knees to raise your hip and prevent morning aches and pains. For total comfort, add a mattress topper (helping to cushion your joints from with the extra weight on them) and, perhaps, a cooler duvet (to combat the little central-heater in your belly), and you’ll feel a big difference. Get your sleeping position right and that will help with other pregnancy problems, too. Avoid sleeping on your back (which causes shortness of breath as the uterus presses on the vena cava) or stomach (which will make baby uncomfortable) and instead try sleeping on your left side, which allows maximum blood flow around the body.
“When the baby arrives, you’ll find the Nursing Pillow really helps with breastfeeding. It’s shaped to fit around your waist, supporting a reclining baby in the right position. That’s important for two reasons – to protect your spine and to help baby feed properly, so they need less winding! This makes it a great maternity pillow.”
Handy tips: Extend the use of your maternity pillows with imaginative thinking. The Nursing pillow can also be used to support your back or bump while pregnant (worth buying early). When baby’s crawling it’s a fun floor-cushion!

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