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Superking Pillows

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Would you like to Superking that? For just a little extra, you could upgrade your bed with gloriously oversized, supremely plump Superking pillows!
In the old days, everyone had a standard pillow. But now you can go up a size. With a Superking size, you get just a little more – and you can choose from some of our favourite ranges, including Supreme Canadian Goose Down, Ultimate Hungarian Down, and Ultimate Microfibre.
Our expert says: “If you have a King, Superking or Emperor size bed (lucky you) then you’ll need Superking pillows (at least as the bottom layer) so that there isn’t a gap between them when you make the bed. Standard pillows sort of float in the space at the top of a larger bed.”
“To choose your pillow, first determine your sleeping position. Back sleepers require medium support, front sleepers soft support, and side sleepers need firm or high pillows. Next decide if you want a natural filling – such as feather and down, silk, or wool – or a synthetic filling, such as microfibre or Memory Foam. Now you’ve narrowed it down, you’ll have a choice of Superking pillows in each category.”
Handy tips: Superking size pillows are sometimes referred to as King pillows by other retailers. Regardless of the name, they measure 50cm x 88cm (20” x 35” in imperial measurements).

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