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  1. Soft As Down Microfibre Pillows
    Synthetic fill that feels like down

    Starting at £16.00

  2. Soft As Down Mattress Toppers
    Soft, pliable support

    Starting at £29.50

  3. Body Pillow
    Full body support & pressure relief
    RRP £35.00 Save 14%
    Out of stock
  4. Soft As Down with Silk Mattress Toppers
    Soft, breathable support

    Starting at £100.00

4 Items

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Our hollowfibre ranges are a great synthetic alternative to natural down, they are hypo-allergenic, easy to care for and can be washed at up to 40°C.
These synthetic options are made using a polesyter fibre with a full, springy feel which creates lofty, puffy and luxurious bedding.
Choose from options in duvets, toppers and pillows.

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