Temperature Regulating Bedding

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  1. New Zealand Wool Duvet
    Cool in summer, warm in winter

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  2. Linen Duvet
    For warm weather & hot sleepers

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2 Items

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Regardless of whether you are a cold or hot sleeper, feel perfect all night long with our Temperature Regulating bedding.

At Soak&Sleep, we've designed a pioneering range of temperature regulating bedding that helps to wick heat away from the body, and to keep you cool all night long. If you're still searching for a perfect summer-specific cooling pillow, duvet, protector or even a whole set of bed linen, then look no further as we've got you covered. Our new collection of groundbreaking temperature regulating bedding will always help to keep sleepers cool when the thermometer spikes. Choose bedding that fits in with your degrees Celsius and get that sleep that you've always deserved.

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