This year on the 7th March, children of all ages will come together to show their appreciation towards reading for the 22nd year of World Book Day. To mark this, we would like to give you all a good night guide for how your little ones can rest up easier.

As parents, we always want to make sure our little ones are sticking to a consistent sleeping schedule. The body’s internal clock plays a key role in regulating everyone’s sleep-wake cycle. So if you would like to make a change, wake up happy and get the sleep that you and your child deserve, then read on and learn something new about your sleeping routine.

Sleep School Routine:

So how do you get your kids to sleep at night?

If you think your little one needs help to get a better night's kip, then read on and follow these tips to get them to bed on time every night:

  1. Know how much sleep your child should be getting: Based on your child's age, they will require various amounts of sleep. From total hours slept every day, to how many hours a night they sleep, to general napping habits, try to understand your child's sleeping patterns and this will help you build your bedtime rules.

  1. Make every bedtime routine a habit: Creating a bedtime routine for children can take the stress out of bedtime for both the parents and the child. Kids crave and thrive on structure, as it gives them a sense of safety and security. Getting your child into a nightly bedtime routine helps them develop sleep associations to get them prepared for bedtime.

  1. Wind down and get reading: It's a good idea to begin the bedtime ritual with a wind-down period that begins 15-30 minutes before their actual routine begins. This can include reading a book, turning off the TV, playing relaxing music, dimming lights, talking softer, and even moving slower. All of these subtle changes are cues that your child will pick up as signs that bedtime is approaching.

  1. Create an ideal sleeping environment: It's best to keep their room dark, quiet, and cool. Some children (especially the very young ones) want a little light in their room, so a nightlight or a dim light is a perfect addition.

  1. Turn off electronics: Turn off the TV, computers, games, and other electronic devices in their rooms. These devices promote wakefulness through both stimulating contents as well as the light emitting that mimics daylight and tricks the brain into thinking it needs to stay awake. Electronics should be turned off or taken away at least an hour before bedtime, and if they can’t get to sleep then give them a new book to read for #WorldBookDay.

  1. Active Time: It's important that your children get plenty of exercise during the day which will help them wind down quicker at night. However, keep their last playtime at least 3 hours before bedtime or they may still be too stimulated for sleep.

Q&A Tips from our Soak&Sleepers:

We've turned to our own Soak&Sleep parents to get their words of wisdom of how they keep to their bedroom routine with their little ones.

How did/do you get your toddler to sleep by themselves?

Nicole (B2B Trade Account Manager) - “When my son first started to sleep in his own bed, he needed to be surrounded by his favourite soft toys until he fell asleep. He particularly likes this giant cuddly elephant who we have named Ellie. I had to stay nearby and respond to him whenever he called just to reassure him that it's not scary and that I am around if he needs me. My son also liked it when I sang to him or read him a book as he would fall asleep much easier.”

What tips/advice would you give to other/new parents to get their kids to sleep?

Rob (Finance Director) - “Having a new baby is tough and don’t put yourself under pressure to get them to sleep in a routine or all night too early. Once you and your children are ready, make sure you then make bedtime calm quiet and dark and be consistent.”

What’s your all-time favourite book that you love to read to your kids?

Ben (E-commerce Manager) - “The Gruffalo and Gruffalo child, in fact, anything by Julia Donaldson.”

Rob (Finance Director) - “My absolute favourite book to read to them is ‘One Ted Falls Out of Bed’ by Julia Donaldson a really short book with great counting practice, my 6 year old still loves it!”

Have your ‘Little - Soak&Sleep’ kids bedding helped at all to get them to sleep?

Sarah (Head of Buying & Merchandising) - “We moved Edith into a toddler bed and her Soak&Sleep - ‘Magical Bedding’ set was all made up. The look of excitement on her face was priceless.

She climbed in herself and didn’t even want a story that night she rolled straight over. She has a wool pillow and duvet, which seems to regulate her temperature really well.

She always looks so snuggly in the morning.”

Little - Soak&Sleep Closet Goodies Checklist:

Finally, we have selected some of our favourite 'Soak&Sleep Closet Goodies' to help give your child a perfect nights sleep.

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