Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Digital screens can impact your children’s sleep | Soak&Sleep

    It’s bedtime. Your child is tucked up in bed. All is going well but they are not able to sleep. So you find them sneaking out of bed and insisting that even though it’s late and they’ve had a big day, they are simply not tired. What’s wrong you think? Why is this happening? Well there is an often-overlooked issue that could be the cause. Digital screens before bedtime!  


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  2. Soak&Sleep Influencer of the Year Awards | Soak&Sleep


    Soak&Sleep are so happy to have our blog of the month back up and running in full motion. We believe it is extremely important to show our appreciation for the most beautiful and informative blogs, and in doing so, expose wonderful, inspirational content to you.

    It’s time to vote for your favourite influencer!! #Soakandsleepawards2018


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  3. Blog of the Month – February Winner – Seeds & Stitches | Soak&Sleep

    Blog of the Month – February Winner – Seeds & Stitches

    Speaking of style leads me nicely into announcing our February blog of the month winner Seeds & Stitches. A blog written by Hannah Bullivant, showcasing beautiful styling, soulful interiors and creative living.

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