Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. Allergy Awareness Week

    Allergy Awareness Week

    Even though it's impossible to deny that the sun is now shining and the flowers are in full bloom, seasonal changes can be the worst for people with allergies. Research now suggests that nearly half of us Brits are suffering from some form of allergy.

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  2. National Stop Snoring Week


    This year for #NationalStopSnoringWeek, we want to help you or your partner find the best ways to prevent snoring. As the sleeping experts, we have pulled together some of the reasons as to why you may be snoring, and also product recommendations and solutions. So if you're fed up of listening to your other half in the middle of the night, or you yourself are a snorer, then read on and welcome the silence.

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  3. #nationalstopsnoringweek – Snore app test | Soak&Sleep

    #nationalstopsnoringweek – Snore app test

    National Stop Snoring Week is an annual event which helps to promote the preventions of snoring to aid those who suffer. Snoring is a worldwide topic, for those that snore and those that sleep with snorers, but it’s important to understand that there are ways for it to be prevented.

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