Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. World Social Media Day

    World Social Media Day

    While every day is essentially a social media day, June 30th is the self-titled day to celebrate the impact that social media has had, and also how it has become the heart of global communication.

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  2. How to sleep better in the Summer Sale

    How to sleep better in the Summer Sale | Soak&Sleep

    Summer has officially begun TODAY and our Summer Sale is ready for action! To get a good amount of Z’s during these hot summer nights, it’s so important to select the right bedding. With up to 50% OFF, our bedding can ensure you get the sleep you truly need. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of our bestselling award-winning ranges, to find out how you can feel fresh and well rested all season.

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  3. Fathers Day Bedding Gift Guide

    Fathers Day Bedding Gift Guide

    Father's Day is fast approaching and if you're probably still wondering what gift you can give your dad, then fear not. As the sleeping experts, there’s one thing we know for sure that will get Father’s Day off on the right foot: an awesome night’s sleep.

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