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  1. Fun Fact Friday: Otter-ly Adorable

    Fun Fact Friday: Otter-ly Adorable

    Everyone sleeps differently, now that’s a fact. The comfiest position to one person may make another wake up with a cricked neck. Some love to cuddle their other half like the movies, whilst others need their own space. 

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  2. Fun Fact Friday: World’s Fastest Bed!

    Fun Fact Friday: World’s Fastest Bed!

    Hands up if you like your morning commute? Well we don’t either, so of course we were green with envy with this Fun Fact Friday snippet of the ‘World’s Fastest Motorized Bed”.

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  3. In Bed With… Madeleine Shaw | Soak&Sleep

    In Bed With… Madeleine Shaw

    To launch our newest blog feature ‘In Bed With…’ we wanted to pick someone who fully encapsulates the Soak&Sleep vibe. They needed to be relaxed, passionate and really know their stuff. Most importantly, they had to be able to offer some words of wisdom to help our wonderful customers make the most of their moments of relaxation. It was a no-brainer; Health coach, yoga teacher and recently published author Madeleine Shaw was the perfect choice!

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  4. Something for the weekend… | Soak&Sleep

    Something for the weekend…

    At Soak&Sleep we love the weekend – not because we don’t have to work (on the contrary, we get to create beautiful bed and bath products everyday – we love our jobs!) but because it means we have two whole days to test drive our products, fully indulging in endless moments of relaxation; duvet nights on the sofa, lazy Sunday morning lie-ins; long Friday night soaks in the tub with a good book and a glass of wine (don’t judge – it’s the best!). Our favourite weekend treat has to be Saturday morning breakfast in bed. Nothing will set you up for the weekend quite like an extravagantly scrumptious brekkie, enjoyed in an enticingly crumpled bed, with the sun (hopefully) streaming through the windows.

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  5. Our 50K Charity Walk | Soak&Sleep

    Our 50K Charity Walk

    On Friday 5th June, the Soak&Sleep team joined 100 other ambitious ramblers to walk 50k through the night, with the aim to raise £50,000 for Dimbleby Cancer Care charity.

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  6. The Pillow Fight Club | Soak&Sleep

    The Pillow Fight Club

    Believe it or not, but out there in this mad crazy world is a group of people who have come together to form The Pillow Fight Club.

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  7. How To Wash Your Feathered Pillows

    How To Wash Your Feathered Pillows

    Feather pillows provide that luxurious and comforting nights sleep so you will want to keep them in tip-top shape to have that heavenly feeling again and again. Here at Soak&Sleep we have put together some advice about how to wash and care for your feathered pillows.

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  8. Top Tips For That Perfect Nights Sleep

    Top Tips For That Perfect Nights Sleep

    We at Soak&Sleep have come up with some top tips to make sure you fall into dreamland and get the well-deserved rest you need.

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  9. Our Collaboration with This Mum Runs

    This Mum Runs

    Are you wanting to feel more energised in the day and ready for bed at the right time at night?

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