Everything you need to know about our Anti-Allergy ranges

Everything you need to know about our Anti-Allergy ranges

Everyone is different which means our sleep preferences won’t always be the same. Some get too hot, some too cold, some like a firm mattress, others like it soft (Goldilocks understands it perfectly) But, if you suffer from allergies, we also know the choice isn’t always available. At Soak&Sleep, sneezing and coughing your way through the night just isn’t an option! Allergies are one of the most common causes of sleep disturbances, which is why Soak&Sleep has worked hard to develop our Anti-Allergy range to help sufferers get the perfect night sleep.

How? You may ask… well our Anti-allergy products are treated with Sanitized solution, the highest quality product for antimicrobial efficacy.

Sanitized® anti-bacterial pioneers

Established for over 80 years, they have made it their business to be at the forefront of anti-bacterial technologies with their specialist research and in-house testing centre.  They specialise in anti-allergen protection for textiles and we’re proud to have worked with them on our anti-allergy range. The treatment is specially designed to help reduce any allergens including dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria.

So, how does it work?  Our products are treated with specialist compounds from Sanitized®, Sanitized® T 99-1, which is embedded into the fabric and becomes bound to the fibre to give constant and durable protection. Sanitized® has a chemical agent that stops bacteria from reproducing, working against variety of different bacterias and yeasts. It works by causing “Lysis” a process which breaks down the cell membrane of the nasty bacterias and yeasts. Thus, interrupting the nutritional chain of house dust mites. This means that no nasties have the chance to develop on the fabric which is closest to, or touching your body whilst you sleep by creating a protective barrier for the filling inside.

The result? Products that are the perfect relief for all types of allergies as well as asthma and eczema sufferers.


Our Anti-Allergy range advantages are not exclusive to those with allergies, the positives which arise from Sanitized® can benefit a wide range of customers. The treatment reduces the development of odors caused by microbes, which keeps your bedding fresh for longer. Rest assured that the treatment complements a range of products that feel soft and comfortable for everyone. So you can sleep well with the knowledge that your bed is protected.  Wrap up in our beautifully soft duvet, lay your head upon our springy pillow and feel your allergy worries disappear.

Anti-allergy Duvets – New and improved design

What is an anti allergy duvet? Filled with 100% hollowfibre that are great for preventing bacteria build up as well as alleviating allergies that can stem from natural fibres. The synthetic fibres are hollow, which helps the duvet breathe and creates a springy, lofty feeling.  The fill is encased in a 250 thread count 100% cotton case that is treated with Sanitized and finished with the Soak&Sleep standard double stitched and piped edge. This product is easily washable at 60 degrees.

Anti-allergy Pillows – New and improved design

Our Anti-allergy pillows also have a 100% hollowfibre fill.  Its characteristic springy fibres create a lovely plump pillow of medium-firm firmness perfect for those who sleep on their side. This product has a 250 thread count 100% cotton case treated with Sanitized and is finished with our signature double stitched and piped edge finish. These pillows are also washable at 60 degrees.

Anti-allergy Mattress protectors

Our Anti-allergy mattress protectors are a great way to keep your mattress fresh. It has a 100% hollowfibre fill which provides a padded feel. The protector is quilted to keep the fill in place and is finished with a peachskin fabric and elasticated skirt. The top layer of the cotton jersey fabric is treated with Sanitized® and is also washable at 60 degrees.

Anti-allergy Pillow protector 

Our Anti-allergy pillow protector matches perfectly to the mattress protector. Made with the same construction as our mattress protector it is sold in pairs and closes with a zip for a snug and secure fit.

Choose a Soak&Sleep Anti Allergy product and many nights of great sleep are heading your way. Any questions?  Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team are on hand to help.