Best Orthopaedic Pillows for Neck Pain I Soak&Sleep

Waking up with a sore neck isn’t going to have you jumping for joy, and many of our customers have reached out to us for help. Suffering from neck pain is something that can be avoided if you choose the right pillow for your sleeping position, frame and weight. But where do you start?

What can cause neck pain?

Chronic neck pain should be discussed with a doctor, but if you’re using the wrong pillow whilst you sleep this can be a contributing factor. It’s important that during the night your neck and back is in a neutral position - which means keeping it in a comfortable position without tilting it in a direction. 

When looking for a new pillow, it’s best to start with identifying what your sleeping position is (front, back, or side).

Front sleeper

For those who sleep on their front, a thinner, flatter pillow is best recommended to keep your neck aligned.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers should browse for a pillow that’s plumper and supports your neck alignment. The best way to identify this is through the ‘sleeping depth’ or ‘resting depth’ of a pillow, to measure the distance between your head and shoulder so you can select one that matches best.

Back sleepers

Medium support is one of the best options if you sleep on your back, as the head needs to be slightly raised to help prevent pressure on the neck without chasing the spine to bend lower down.

What pillows are best for neck pain?

Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow 

Not only is this range one of our best-sellers (both with customers and the press), the availability of different firmnesses makes this a brilliant range to customise your sleeping experience. Choose our soft option if you sleep on your front or a medium-firm option for back and side sleepers, and let neck-pain be a thing of the past! Shop our beautiful Hungarian Goose pillow. 


Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Yes, you read that right, a pillow for your knees, but how might this help your neck? If you’re a side sleeper and struggle with pain whilst you sleep, a knee pillow is a great way to ensure you have better pelvic and spinal alignment - resulting in a neutral spine and relieving pressure on your neck.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

A neck pillow isn’t just for keeping you comfortable when you’re travelling, they’re also a great addition for those who are advised to sleep upright for medical reasons. The flexibility of this type of pillow allows it to be used for a variety of sleeping positions, best suited to the way you sleep, cradling your neck and head as you drift off. 


We understand how frustrating not feeling comfortable and supported while you sleep can feel. So, if you’re struggling, please don’t suffer in silence and reach out to our customer service team who would be more than happy to help. Head over to our support pillows page for further options.

Also, browse our sleep solutions pages which have tips, and expert advice on ways to sleep and the best products to use.