Create a calming bedroom I Soak&Sleep

With the ultimate goal of getting you to sleep, a bedroom should be nothing else if not calming. Your bedroom should feel relaxing and stress-free so that once you slip beneath the covers, it’s easy to fall asleep when the lights go off. Read on for our seven tips on creating a calming bedroom.

Declutter your space

First things first, your bedroom should be clutter-free. When you enter the room you do not want to be faced with a mountain of washing on the floor, or magazines strewn around the bed. This is not relaxing or stress-free and it will undoubtedly make falling asleep that much harder. 

Spend some time organising your bedroom, putting clothes in cupboards and drawers if you can. And if you are short on space, consider investing in a divan bed with storage underneath so you can keep your floor space free. 

Towels belong in the bathroom, so make sure that’s where they return to once you are dressed.

Bedside tables actually only need a few items stored on top - hand cream, an alarm clock and a book should do the trick. Anything else should be put away so it does not distract you or worse, topple off in the night and wake you up. If you can keep your phone off your bedside table too, you’ll be less likely to reach for it before bedtime when you should be reducing your blue light time and calming your mind. 

Recycle magazines and newspapers once you’ve read them. You are unlikely to go back and read them again, despite your best intentions. Or if there are articles you really do believe you’ll re-read, photograph the pages and store them on your phone.


Muted colour schemes

A muted colour palette is more relaxing and calming to the eye than bright colours or stark whites. Consider soft pinks, buttery creams and sage greens to help soften the look of your bedroom. Earthy colours are also popular at the moment and also help to calm. 
These softer colours can be mixed and matched throughout the room. You can use a soft pink on the walls and mix with natural bed linen and sage green throws on the bed for a contemporary look.

Relaxed bed linen

When choosing your bed linen, instead of opting for crisp white sheets which require lots of ironing, opt for fabrics which are more relaxed too. For example, French linen does not need to be ironed and actually looks better with a few creases in it. It’s also great for improving your sleep because it is naturally temperature regulating, so just knowing you have this on your bed, will help you feel calm. 

Hemp is another relaxed-looking fabric and is also ultra-sustainable, so you will feel a sense of ease just knowing you’ve invested in a product that is environmentally friendly.

Plant life

Plants have become very popular for bedrooms, helping to bring a sense of the outdoors inside. Greenery is known to have a calming effect on the mind and so dressing your room with a selection of plants can help you unwind. There are even plants which can help you sleep. Read here for a blog on which greenery is best for the bedroom.


Dim the lights

Although you’ll be switching the lights off when you sleep (a dark room is best for optimum rest), having the right lighting for when you are winding down before bed is so important. You may want a bright pendant light in the room but mix it with bedside lights, either wall hung or as lamps, so you can dim the lighting when you get into bed. This will signal to your body that you are getting ready to sleep and help you slip into a state of calm. 

Candles are also a good option for winding down, particularly those that are scented. Remember to blow them out before you drop off or if you leave the room though!
If you can’t make your bedroom totally dark, consider investing in an eye mask to block out any ambient light.

Set up to sit up

Having four or more pillows on your bed or having a padded headboard will provide you with a comfortable base to rest back against as you wind down for bedtime - perfect for reading a book or listening to a mindful podcast. Prepping your bedroom to allow you to wind down after a long day will help create a feeling of calm and will relax you into sleep.

Weighted blankets

If you are suffering from any form of anxiety, a good way to alleviate it at bedtime is with a weighted blanket. Created initially to help those with sensory disorders, they provide a natural therapy to ease stress and calm anxieties - almost like a firm hug.



So there are our tips for creating a calming space in your bedroom. Now you can sit back, relax and doze off in total serenity with Soak&Sleep! If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress your walls in bespoke art, head over to our expert piece on the best for your bedroom.