7 Most Creative Pillow Designs | Soak&Sleep

Love to decorate your room with all those nifty colours and posters? Why not buy some creative pillow's that create a "Wait, is that a Pillow?" atmosphere for whoever enters :) - Yes, there are a lot of them available. People all over, with their creativeness, design all kinds of stuff, one of which is Pillows. We've put 7 of the most Creative Pillow designs that we confronted during our quest to find the best. I hope you like them.

Blood Spill Pillow


Image from From Keetra

This is one freaky design for a pillow. People over at Keetra came up with a design that gives the impression of someone spilling blood. Imagine, coming in a room where a friend is sleeping on one of this, giving you a instant thought that Oh My, what happened to him. Well, someone new will definitely scream or be amazed, resulting in either screaming and waking up the person or calling 911. 

Pillow Wig


Image from Pop Wuping

As I suspected, Asians! they come up with such unique ideas which sometimes do look crap but are useful and unique. For example, a Pillow Wig? I'm sure you won't be wearing one while you're dressing up for the office but I might when I'm working at home since I tend to sleep off at my keyboard (embarrassing).

iDream Pillows


Image from Toxel

iDream Pillows, designed by a Ukraine company which gives an impression of a sleeping person, dreaming of a (pre-given) picture on the pillow itself. Comes in over 7 to 8 dream designs. Creative!

Living Stones


Image from Archiproducts

Another creative design that I personally want to have. A project by Smarin Design, looks like rocks, big rocks & see'ing your kids jumping on to them is simple cool!

Take me anywhere


Image from Etsy

A unique treat for travellers, where riding on a bus or taking a train to somewhere, take me anywhere pillows can come in handy. Unique design, looks like a suitcase but is used for taking quick naps and doesn't look bad when you're taking it with you.

Throw Boy


Image from Throw Boy

These guys rocks. Their perception matches the ones who are deliberately using their computers. They came up with pillows based on Apple themes in the past which were a great hit and now they’ve used the same theme with a little twist and got chat Pillows. Yes, chat pillows, with all the “OMG’s”, “BBL”, “TTYL” and even “WTF’s” (gotta get that one).

Laptop Pillow


Image from Ubergizmo

Always working hard? Well why not get yourself a 'Laptop Pillow' - guaranteed to be taken seriously whilst you catch 40 winks. 

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