Fun Fact Friday: Knock Knock…who’s there?

Everyone’s guilty of pressing snooze. Hands up if you set your alarm a little earlier so you can wake up, look at the time, and turn over happy, knowing you have at least another fifteen minutes of precious slumber?

Do you use your phone with a soft melodic tone? A digital clock, or if your a very heavy sleeper, a clock with wheels you have to chase around the room to turn it off (yes, this does exist!). 

Ever wondered how people ever got up in time, before the wonder of modern technology? Well so did we…so we put our Fun Fact Friday brains in gear and did a little research.

Image from Pinterest

During the industrial revolution, there was a profession called a ‘Knocker up’ in Ireland and Britain. The job spec was simple, to be a human alarm clock, wake people up and get them to work on time. Using a long stick, truncheon, or even bamboo to reach the higher windows, they would tap until the occupant arises – and would NOT leave until they were sure.

Not sure how easy it would be to snooze a person! 

So there you have it, no more over sleeping! What do you think?