Bring Hotel Luxury Home with Soak&Sleep | Bedding

Our luxury bedding ranges allow our wholesale customers to create the perfect hotel environment, this blog is here to help guide you with the best way to bring that unbeatable feeling home. Using our best-selling Egyptian Cotton ranges, we are confident you can create the ultimate sleeping experience all in the comfort of your own home.

A hotel bed and home
Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the bed looks so luxurious you just want to climb straight in and sleep? Or perhaps you feel the urge to starfish jump straight into the middle? We know the feeling! And we also know the secrets of how to achieve that luxury bed look.

Our Luxury Egyptian Cotton ranges are the perfect fit and the best sellers for our wholesale department. Our variety of thread count and weaves allow you to tailor your hotel feel depending on your sleep preference. To achieve a cool, crisp touch our 200 thread count is the best option. Woven with a percale weave, this Egyptian cotton bed linen is a great investment for busy households, plus It’s a dream to wash and iron.

For a silky touch with a gorgeous sheen, our 400 and 600 thread count bed linen ranges are the products for you. Woven with a satin weave, they are sure to bring that elegant, high quality feel to your bedroom. All our Egyptian cotton ranges are indulgent and inviting and may even spark that starfish hotel jump.

Hear it from the people who matter! Wendy Ayling, one of our wholesale customers, at Kerscott Cottages says “Our guests always comment on the linen and how lovely it looks and how comfortable it feels to sleep in. So much so, that many have purchased linen from Soak&Sleep for their own homes! ”

Additional things to think of…
Remember that a good mattress is a key foundation to great sleep, ensure you’re sleeping on the correct firmness and fill in line with your sleep position and preference. We would always recommend using a mattress protector on your bed. If you have a busy household, like many hotels, a protector is a great way to help keep your bedding fresh and last longer. Our wide variety of pillows and duvets mean we’re confident you can find the perfect one for you.

Hear it from the people who matter! Trustpilot Review: “I have ordered two duvets and 4 pillowcase protectors and pillows from soak and sleep. My partner and I have been really impressed with the quality and feel of our products. I feel like I’m in a hotel bed when I go to sleep each night. Would highly recommend soak and sleep!”

So now you’ve chosen the perfect products, it’s time to make up the bed. A hotel bed always seems to be so delicately made, with not an imperfection in sight. So here’s how to achieve your own hotel style bed…

How to make the perfect hotel bed:

  • Once you’ve put down your mattress protector, apply your fitted sheet, pulling it tight to eliminate any creasing.
  • Next, using a flat sheet, tuck the sheet tightly under the mattress and smooth out any air pockets, tucking under as you go. Make sure to leave the top end loose, to pull back and fold over the top end of the duvet cover for that sleek hotel feel.
  • Place your duvet into its cover and shake out to evenly spread the fill. Then lay it over the flat sheet. Similarly to the flat sheet, pull the duvet tight and tuck under the mattress, again leaving the top end loose. Then fold back the top of the flat sheet over the duvet and smooth out.
  • Then it’s time to style. Lay a blanket or bedspread over the end of the bed and dress with pillows and cushions according to your bedroom style and design preferences.

Follow these steps to bring hotel luxury home to your bedroom A great way to impress your guests or simply feel on holiday in the comfort of your own home all year round. Keep an eye on our blog for our next hotel inspired post, all about bringing that luxury hotel bathroom home.