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Waking up feeling less than brilliant? You might find your pillow is to blame. Pillows need to be replaced surprisingly often (experts recommend you invest in a new pillow every two years). If yours is flatter, lumpier, or less springy than it used to be, you’re ready for a new one. 

A pillow that has lost its plumpness won’t support your head and neck as much as you need it to. And remember, your pillow absorbs moisture from your head, face and breath every night, which means an older pillow is exactly the kind of place that allergens and bacteria are likely to gather. Definitely not the stuff of dreams!

But what sort of pillow should you go for? There’s an almost dizzying array of pillows out there, but once you know what type of pillow suits your sleeping position, choosing a new one becomes easy. This blog focuses on choosing an orthopaedic pillow to help reduce shoulder pain.

What is a support / orthopaedic pillow?

First, let’s talk orthopaedic. An orthopaedic pillow is a pillow that’s designed to support your sleeping position and prevent back, neck or shoulder pain. It’s often assumed that for a pillow to be orthopaedic it must be made with synthetic fills. But as you’ll see, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Why is your sleeping position relevant to your pillow?

Your sleeping position can really impact your body. Think about it like this – if you stood or sat in just one or two positions for 6 or 7 hours every single day, you’d rapidly notice an effect on your body. It’s the same with your sleeping position. Choosing a pillow that minimises the stress of your sleeping position on your body is a wise decision.

Our top three orthopaedic pillows for shoulder pain

1. Memory foam


Firm support, ideal for side and back sleepers.

Our memory foam pillow helps minimise shoulder pain thanks to the way it adjusts to the position and weight of your head. The memory foam fill softens in response to your body heat, keeping your head and neck perfectly aligned with the rest of your body for a more comfortable night’s sleep with less stress on your joints.

2. Latex


Firm support, ideal for side and back sleepers.

A latex pillow is not as well-known as it deserves to be. This firm support pillow gives you responsive head and neck support, similar to what you’d get with a memory foam pillow but with much more ‘bounce’. Because latex is a natural fill it helps you sleep at a cooler temperature for a more refreshing night’s sleep. And here’s a bonus, unlike memory foam pillows, latex pillows fill out a pillowcase perfectly and never need plumping – ideal for a lower effort, beautiful-looking bedroom!

3. Hungarian goose down


Soft, soft/medium, medium/firm. Suits all sleeping positions.

Yes, you can get a luxurious down-filled orthopaedic pillow! Our Hungarian Goose Down pillows are carefully made to support your head and neck no matter what your sleeping position is. Front sleeper? Then you’ll love our soft pillow filled with a squishy blend of responsibly sourced Hungarian Goose Down. Side and back sleepers can choose between a soft/medium and medium/firm pillow. Both pillows have a central chamber filled with supportive goose feather that’s surrounded by light, soft Goose Down. The soft/medium pillow is better for sleepyheads with narrower shoulders, while the deeper medium/firm pillow is better for those with broader shoulders. And, thanks to the lofty high-quality Goose Down, they plump up with ease for an inviting and luxurious bed.


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