Getting a good sleep before a big event | London Marathon 2018

With the London Marathon just around the corner, it’s more important than ever that the participants are getting the very best sleep. It’s not uncommon for excitement and/ or nervousness to cause us problems when it comes to sleeping, and when sleep time is precious, you can’t afford to lose any.

This Sunday the 22nd April 2018, the London Marathon will take place. Thousands of runners will be taking part in this 26-mile adventure, all in the name of charity. With the first start time kicking off at an early 8:55 am, it's vital that the London Marathon participants are well-rested and full of energy. We’re here to help give a few top tips to ensure a good night’s sleep before the big event.

Sleep tip 1: Start an early bedtime routine as early as possible.


It’s vital that you get your body clock into the right pattern as soon as possible. This way you won’t be lying wide awake in the early hours of the big day. To kick off the early bedtime routine, try shifting your sleep pattern half an hour earlier each day, that’s both going to sleep and waking up. You will then start to naturally fall into an earlier routine which will prepare you for an early night before the big day.

Sleep tip 2: Watch what you eat and drink.

Although you will be taking part in excessive exercise, its important that you don’t over eat the night before the big day. Eating rich, heavy meals can disturb your sleeping pattern. Make sure you avoid food which contains high levels of sugar and fat as these take time to digest, keeping the body active. It’s also wise to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks before bed. Alcohol metabolizes in your system, waking you up throughout the night. Visit our “food and drink” blog for more information.

Sleep tip 3: Create a relaxing, calm environment for sleep.

Plan ahead to declutter the bedside tables, and sort through the mound of clothes in the corner of the bedroom. Take the time to sort through (not the night before the big day) to ensure your bedroom is a relaxing and calm space. Using low lighting and cosy bedding to help enhance a soothing and sleepy atmosphere. Our wool bedding is a great buy before a big event, wool fills have been proven to help with REM sleep.

Sleep tip 4: Limit Screen time

It’s been scientifically proven that excessive use of digital screens before bedtime can disrupt our sleep. The light from screens can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is an important part of the sleep cycle which triggers chemical receptors in our brains, encouraging sleep. Interference of sleep before a big day is the last thing you want, so be sure to keep the screens away on Saturday night! Visit our “screen time” blog for more information.

Sleep tip 5: Organisation is key.

Prepare your belongings before you sleep to avoid worrying or panicking about a busy hectic morning. Lay out your running gear, race bag, and lucky pants ready to throw on in the morning. Plan your breakfast in advance for ease on the morning of the big day and to prevent that indecisive answer to the “what shall I have for breakfast” question.

From all of us here at Soak&Sleep, we wish you the best of luck! The money raised for charity through the London Marathon is exceptional. Remember to pace yourselves, keep hydrated and most importantly enjoy it! If you’re running the London Marathon this year, or have in previous years, we would love to hear your top sleeping tips!