Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

The health, safety and well-being of your family and ours, is our top priority. We’re continually and actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, to keep up to date with the latest information and what actions we are advised to take.  Please be reassured that we’ve taken all actions necessary to protect you and our team.

Taking care of the Soak&Sleep team

In response to guidance from the British Government & Public Health England, all employees are now working from home and with our robust Business Continuity plan we are able to continue to serve you with your quest for the best night’s sleep. 

Our Customer Service team is available as normal for any help, delivery queries or other questions from Monday - Friday 9am-5pm via email, chat or phone.

Our Wholesale team is available as normal for any help, delivery queries or other questions from Monday - Friday 9am-5pm via email, chat or phone.

No contact delivery options

Contact-free delivery options are available to keep both you and the drivers safe.
Selecting to leave in a safe place or arranging collection are still options but for customers wanting to accept deliveries but are self-isolating and minimising physical contact, an option now available is ‘Accepted at Delivery Point’.

On arrival at the delivery address, the driver will knock or ring the bell and will then step away to a safe distance. You can then advise that you don't wish to sign on the scanner, the driver will ask for your name and record ‘Accepted at Delivery Point’ and then take a photo of the premises.

For mattress deliveries, there is a no-contact option available, which can be arranged through our customer service team who will do this directly with the delivery company.  

Drivers have also been provided with anti-bacterial wipes to clean hand-held units between uses. 

We also offer a 365 day Collect+ return service.

Deliveries to Europe are seeing some delays with deliveries, up to 3 additional days. Find out more

Our products and keeping your bedroom safe

To keep your bed and bathroom germ-free, we’d recommend washing regularly and using protectors to keep your bed clean. If you or a family member has displayed symptoms, once they’re feeling better ensure that you wash everything that they’ve come into contact with, as viruses and bacteria can live for some time on fabrics and it is possible to get infected by touching infected bedding.

Bedroom isolation tipsBedroom isolation tipsBedroom isolation tips
Get comfortable at homeGet comfortable at homeGet comfortable at home

Clean your bedding with expert tips from Laundrapp

With Coronavirus in full swing it is more important than ever to keep your bedding clean.

According to GP, Dr Timothy Hodgson “viruses and bacteria can live for some time on fabrics and it is possible to get infected by touching infected bedding.  For instance the flu virus can survive for short periods on porous soft surfaces like sheets and fabrics, as long as up to a few hours, depending on environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

We recently spoke to our friends at Laudapp on the best way to manage your bedding hygiene:

How often should I wash my towels? 

We would recommend washing towels once a week following the care instructions on the label, although we'd recommend you wash them at 30°C for a greener way to stay clean. Towels need to be dried thoroughly to avoid bacteria which can be present in damp towels - avoid leaving them on the floor after use!

How often should I wash my duvet cover?  

We would recommend washing your bedding once a week to remove the build-up of sweat, body oil and skin that accumulates each night. Clean sheets also provide comfort to aid in better sleep.

 What’s the best way to wash my bedsheets?

Hot water helps to kill dust mites and germs that thrive in bedding, so you should use the hottest setting that is safe for the material, always taking into account the care instructions. 

Sunshine is a natural disinfectant and helps to brighten whites, so hang your sheets outside every couple of months if you can. Ironing your bed linen will not only help to kill any last remaining germs but also makes your sheets feel softer and easier to store.

Can I wash my duvet at home?

Duvets are typically too big for standard size (7kg) washing machines and could result in a poor clean or damage to your machine. However, If you have a large capacity drum (12kg), you may have space to wash your duvet at home. As a rule of thumb, you should fill the drum to no more than 80% of its capacity. 

Professional cleaners such as Laundrapp will use specialist solvents to remove any stains which result in a finish superior to what you are likely to achieve at home. We’d always recommend getting your filled products professionally laundered, as the products need to be bone dry to avoid clumping, mould growth and a residual smell that can be left if there is any dampness in the product, particularly in feather and down items

Sleeping comfortably with a temperature

With a fever being one of the symptoms of Coronavirus below you will find some tips on how to make yourself or a household member as comfortable as possible.

Sleep on plain cotton bedding (such as our 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton) – this more comfortable for the sufferer as natural fibres are better at keeping you cool if temperatures are spiking. French Linen, renowned for its style also possesses these temperature regulating properties.

If sweating a lot, it's always best to put bedding protectors on so they can easily be removed and washed.  Our most popular protectors are mattress protectors (such as our luxury Pure Cotton protectors) but protectors are also available for pillows and duvets.  Not only do protectors, well protect, but they also add a layer of comfort.

When hot or sweating naturally filled duvets are great for helping to regulate the temperature, Wool filled products like our New Zealand Wool Duvet is a great example, it’s natural properties mean it’s breathable and moisture-wicking.  

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In this uncertain time, we’re committed to keeping you informed and taking care of you. 

Stay safe, and thank you.