Bedroom Isolation Tips

bedroom self isolation tipsbedroom self isolation tips

As per Government guidelines, if you are experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus, you need to self-isolate for 7 days. For many, this means staying in a bedroom so other house occupants don't become affected.

To help you through we have several products to help create a comfortable, supportive and hygienic base.

From pillows to ease aches, protectors to keep bedding fresh, and toppers to cradle your body, Soak&Sleep have solutions to help those suffering.

Top Tips

  • 1
    If isolating with a family have different colour towels to easily identify whose is whose.
  • 2
    Using protectors not only protects your bedding but makes the process of changing faster.
  • 3
    Have plentiful of spare bedding to enable quick changing or for spare bedrooms.

Self Isolation Essentials

Bed Linen

Soft, smooth and breathable fabrics are perfect to keep your sleep cool and comfortable.


Protect your bedding from fevers and germs with our extensive range, with options to suit everyone.


Keep your towels seperate from others, and identify yours quickly and easily from a range of colours and sizes.


Support yourself with our range of comfortable pillows in a variety of sizes and specalist body pillows.

Our Recommendations

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    Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels
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How often should you change your duvet?

Duvets come in many different shapes and sizes. They have various fills from synthetic to natural down and feather, silk or wool. They vary in weight, with different ‘togs’ for different temperature preferences, and they range in quality from being expensive to cheap.

Top tips for creating the perfect sleep environment

Getting your sleeping environment right is essential for a great night’s slumber. Being too hot or cold during the night can disturb your sleep, compromising your day ahead. If you are finding yourself being woken in the night due to your body temperature becoming too high or low, Soak&Sleep have some top tips to help you build the perfect sleep environment.

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