90% Premium Down Duvet

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Luxuriously soft, lightweight and wonderfully insulating

Single Duvets (135 x 200cm)
  • Summer Warmth (4.5 Tog)
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth (9.0 Tog)
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Double Duvets (200 x 200cm)
  • Summer Warmth (4.5 Tog)
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth (9.0 Tog)
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King Duvets (230 x 220cm)
  • Summer Warmth (4.5 Tog)
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth (9.0 Tog)
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Superking Duvets (260 x 220cm)
  • Summer Warmth (4.5 Tog)
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  • Spring/Autumn Warmth (9.0 Tog)
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Super-clean and responsibly sourced luxurious goose down

Snuggle up in the marshmallow softness of this 90% goose down duvet. The goose down fill duvet is soft, light and wonderfully insulating and made with our renowned attention to detail.

Features and Facts

  • Luxuriously Soft
    Pure white goose down is blended with just enough goose feather to create a breathable, warm and fluffy duvet. Snuggling up with this duvet is like sleeping under a fluffy cloud

  • Lasting Quality
    The quilted design ensures the goose down fill stays evenly distributed throughout the duvet and provides a smooth and even finish.

  • Responsibly Sourced
    The feather and down in this duvet is RDS certified, giving you the reassurance that it's been responsibly sourced with a high emphasis on animal welfare.

  • Easy care
    You can machine-wash this duvet at 40°C, but for best results we'd recommend you get it professionally laundered.

Technical details

More Information
SKU covoco_premium_down_duvets
Casing 100% Cotton
Filling 90% Premium Goose Down 10% Goose Feather
Designed in UK
Manufactured in China


Not all duvets are created the same, therefore, based on their inner and outer characteristics, they need to be cared for differently. Care properly for your duvet and it will recharge you for many years to come. Here is what you need to do in order to make the most out your Duck Feather & Down duvet:

  • 1
    Protection is key
    Use a duvet protector to keep your beautiful new duvet in top condition.
  • 2
    Shake when you wake
    A vigourous shake each morning will help fluff up the feather and down clusters and air out the filling. (Bonus benefit - also a top upper body workout)
  • 3
    Pull back the covers
    Keep things healthy by pulling back your duvet to air your bed whilst you're getting ready for the day. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner and is especially important with feather and down fills as moisture can make their natural odor more pronounced.
  • 4
    Wash at 40°C
    Every 6-12 months will do the trick - why not clean your duvet with the change of season - then it's ready for when you next need it. Store your duvet somewhere dry and away from dust. The bag your duvet came in is perfect for the job, or you could use one of our specially-made storage bags instead.
  • 5
    Dry as a bone
    Protect your duvet and tumble-dry until completely dry. Even the smallest amount of moisture can damage the fill and cause those precious down clusters to clump and can also make the natural odor of feather and down more pronounced. A damaged fill = a ruined duvet.
  • 6
    Go with the Pros
    A professional wash and dry is always best for large items; your duvet will love you for it.

Duvet Size Guide

(W x L)
Cot Bed 120cm x 150cm
47" x 59"
Single 135cm x 200cm
53" x 79"
Double 200cm x 200cm
79" x 79"
King Size 230cm x 220cm
91" x 87"
Superking 260cm x 220cm
102" x 87"
Emperor 290cm x 235cm
114" x 93"

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