Easycare 180TC - Superking Duvet Cover - White

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  • Polyester for ease of care
  • Cotton for breathability
  • Minimal ironing & quick drying
  • Cool, crisp percale weave
RRP £36.20 Save 13%
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Our Easycare 180 Thread Count Bed Linen is available in a range of sizes and types:

Keep it simple with poly-cotton perfection

When your priority is to make life as simple as possible, you can't go wrong with this easycare range. Designed for easy washing and ironing, this range is one of our favourite laundry day timesavers.

Don't say we don't treat you well. This poly-cotton bedding is wickedly affordable and a dream to launder. Fast drying, and needing little or no ironing it's just the job for busy households, spare beds or university bedrooms. Cotton keeps your night fresh by adding breathability to the fabric

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Features and Facts

  • Poly-Cotton Perfection
    Made with a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester for fast-drying, crease-resistant bedlinen that's still breathable thanks to the cotton content in the blend.

  • Dry in a Flash
    Polycotton bedlinen dries quickly because the polyester in the blend doesn't hold onto water as well as cotton. It's ideal for busy people and anyone who wants to dry their bed linen in record time.

  • Yippee - It's Ironing-Free
    The polyester in the fabric doesn't hold a crease as well as cotton, which means this bedlinen needs little or no ironing - hooray!

  • *Star Pupil*
    We rigorously test our bed linen to make sure it has what it takes to supercharge your sleep. We pay particular attention to colour fastness, longevity and washability.

Technical details

More Information
Type Duvet Cover
Colour White
Colour White
Size Superking
Threadcount 180TC
Dimensions 260 x 220cm
Material 50% Cotton 50% Polyester

The Look & Feel

  • Get Fresh!

    The percale weave feels cool and crisp making this a winner for a comfortable sleep

  • Crisp & Clean

    A good all-rounder, this bedlinen range smartens up any bedroom with its classic good looks - it's a great canvas for a whole range of bedroom looks with its matte finish.

  • Simply Styled

    Oxford pillow cases have 5cm borders. The fitted sheets are elasticated around the full edge of the sheet and are available in both standard and extra-deep fittings

  • Signature Ties

    The duvets are fastened with tie closures so you don't need to worry about ironing around fiddly buttons. Pillow cases have an envelope closure for a neat finish

  • Duvet collection

    We’re keen on recycling everythig we can so we’re happy to collect your old duvet and recycle it for you. We assure you it won’t end up in a landfill.

  • Sleep School

    Want to know more about our products and how can they help boosting your energy?

  • Sleep Trial

    Never stop exploring. With our sleep trial program you can test our products and make sure you get the best ot of your sleep.


The science behind it


Egyptian cotton is grown exclusively in Egypt on the banks of the river Nile. The warm climate and rich soil are perfect for growing the high quality, long staple length cotton fibres we all love in our cotton bedsheets.


These extra long and strong cotton fibres create a smoother, softer and more durable fabric for an excellent quality bedlinen that will give you many years of comfortable sleep and happy mornings. The fabric in this bedlinen is woven into a sateen weave that feels silky smooth for light and soft bedlinen.


  • 1
    Pull back the covers
    Keep things healthy by pulling back your duvet to air your bed whilst you're getting ready for the day. This helps excess moisture to evaporate so your bed stays fresher and cleaner.
  • 2
    Wash regularly
    Keep your bed clean and fresh by changing and washing your bedlinen regularly. Once a week should do the trick. You can wash this bedlinen at 40°C, although we'd recommend you wash it at 30°C for a greener way to stay clean.
  • 3
    Hang to dry
    Do your bit for our planet and dry your bedlinen by hanging it to dry out of direct sunlight. It will dry best on an outside washing line. If time or space is tight, this bedlinen can also be tumble-dried. You'll have fewer creases to deal with if you remove your bedlinen from the drier while slightly damp and then hang it to air dry.
  • 4
    To iron or not to iron?
    Because this bedlinen is made with an easy care fabric you may find you can get away without ironing it after washing, especially if you take care to fold it carefully after drying it. If you'd prefer to iron it, then you'll need only the lightest touch with your iron and will get the best results by ironing while your bedlinen is slightly damp.
  • 5
    Check your detergent
    Always use the best detergent for the product you are washing. If you're washing white bedlinen we'd recommend powdered detergents. If you're washing coloured bedlinen, we'd recommend you use a washing gel/liquid or a detergent suitable for coloured fabrics.
  • 6
    Avoid detergents and stain removers containing optical brighteners
    They create an optical illusion that changes the appearance of the colour. It's not just detergents that can affect your bedlinen; some creams and facewashes contain chemicals that will bleach your bedlinen, such as benzoyl peroxide. Suncream and bronzers can also stain your bedsheets; having a shower before bed to remove skin products will help your bedlinen stay looking good for longer.

Bed Linen Size Guide

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Single Flat Sheet Dimensions
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Single Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
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King Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
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Emperor Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Cot Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Euro Single Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Euro Double Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Euro King Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Small Single Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Small Double Standard Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Single Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Double Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
King Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
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Emperor Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Cot Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
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Small Single Deep Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Small Double Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Single Valance Dimensions
Double Valance Dimensions
King Valance Dimensions
Superking Valance Dimensions
Emperor Valance Dimensions
Cot Valance Dimensions
Euro Single Valance Dimensions
Euro Double Valance Dimensions
Euro King Valance Dimensions
Small Single Valance Dimensions
Small Double Valance Dimensions

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