Sleeping in Singapore

Sleeping in the heat can make even the deepest sleeper uncomfortable. Here we have some tips from Olivia Eleazar who lives in hot and steamy Singapore which we can all learn from...

You're based in Singapore, do you change your duvet depending on the season and what tog do you normally sleep with in the warmer climate?

In Singapore, where temperatures can get uncomfortably hot even at night, we depend on air-conditioning a lot. I usually use just one thin feather duvet all year round. Just recently, however, when it a lot got warmer, I swapped out my duvet for S&S's throws which are much lighter, extremely comfortable and just perfect for hotter nights.

What thread count do you sleep on?

Oh gosh, I can't recall! All I know, whichever thread count is on the recent bedding set I got from S&S is the one matched for my soul. 

Do you have one pillow or two pillows? Are soft or firm?

I'm a firm pillow girl!! I have two firm pillows that create the perfect neck hold for a good nights' sleep.

Do you prefer a firm or soft mattress?

Firm always. I do enjoy some soft ones in hotels sometimes when I travel though.

Do you have a mattress topper?

The only thing that tops my mattress is me. Lol, just kidding. But no, I don't use a mattress topper.

Do you have cushions/throws on your bed?

One S&S throw at all times at the foot of my bed so I can reach for it if it gets cold. My cats Sascha and Ember enjoy that too.

Do you ever sleep with an eye mask on?

No, but I've heard stories of how much they improve sleep.

Your style and photography is so beautiful and creative, do you find a bad night's sleep affects your work?

Oh thank you so much! I'm so thrilled and honoured you think so. A bad night's sleep DEFINITELY affects my performance negatively. Though I cope with bad sleep through other recovery means like coffee or other motivations, the underlying feeling of having a low battery is always there. I make a conscious effort not to sacrifice any sleep these days—rest is so precious for the mind and body.

How much sleep do you need / normally have?

On weekdays, six to eight. and on weekends, nine to eleven if I can!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration by connecting more than one idea, which unlocks my imagination and its potential to unfold ideas that were not immediately visible or obvious at the start. I love drawing inspiration from music as well.

Sleep Expert, Olivia Eleazar, shares her small tips that can make a huge difference to your sleep. Give them a try and see how you get on.

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