Mattress Care Guide FAQs

How often should you rotate your mattress?

Your mattress will adapt to the weight and contours of your body. Rotating your mattress from foot to end for non-turn mattresses will help to keep the filling even. Turnable mattresses should be flipped and turned in rotation for the same reason. Hypnos mattresses need extra attention to this in the first few months of owning one to ensure even distribution of the fill.

How to keep your mattress fresher for longer?

  • We strongly recommend use of a mattress protector to protect your investment from accidental spills and stains.
  • Wash your protector when you wash your bed linen every week to keep your bed in good condition and feeling fresh. 
  • Buying a second protector allows you to rotate with the weekly wash. 
  • We recommend that you air your bed every day by turning back the duvet. 
  • Once a week you should air the bed for a few hours turning back all bedding from the mattress to allow any moisture to evaporate.
  • Always retain and read care instructions delivered with your mattress.

How to clean a mattress cover

It’s important to look after your mattress. Even if you use a mattress protector, we still recommend taking a look at your mattress from time to time. 

  • Gently vacuum the surface of your mattress, using the upholstery attachment, to remove any dirt and dust. 
  • If the mattress surface has become dirty or soiled, try using an upholstery shampoo, warm water and a sponge on the specific area, always allowing the mattress to dry thoroughly before re-dressing your bed.

How to make your mattress softer?

If you’re struggling with the comfort of your mattress, there are several things you can do to reduce the firmness. 

  • If your mattress is quite old, you should start considering looking to upgrade to a new one that will have the comfort you’re looking for. We recommend replacing your mattress every eight years. Browse our buying guide to help you make your decision. 
  • Find the right mattress topper to suit your needs. Mattress toppers not only enhance your comfort, but they are a quick and cost effective way to alter the firmness too. 
  • Look at altering your sleep position as some firm mattresses are better suited to certain sleep positions to properly support your joints. You could even see the difference sleeping without a pillow could make.
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