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  1. 200TC Organic Cotton Bed Linen - Fitted Sheets
    Enviromentally friendly cotton

    Starting at £16.00

  2. 100% Natural Hemp Bed Linen - Fitted Sheets
    The eco-friendly wonder fibre

    Starting at £39.00

  3. Supersoft Cotton-Cashmere Blend Bedding - Fitted Sheets
    Luxurious cotton & cashmere bedlinen

    Starting at £49.00

  4. 1000TC Supima Cotton Bed Linen - Fitted Sheets
    Decadent? Well why not...

    Starting at £100.00

12 Items

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Fitted sheets are the hurried person’s easy way out.

Let’s hear it for the fitted sheet! With pre-sewn corners, it’s on your bed in seconds – stretched taut, it barely even needed ironing. Hooray!

Nobody wants a flimsy fitted bed sheet that starts to become see-through in a year. Forget it! Ours are beautifully made and available in many of our favourite ranges. Choose from a scale of thread count, from 1000 (gloriously thick and crisp) to butter-soft 400 (midweight and longlasting).

Our expert says:

“All of our fitted bed sheets are plain (rather than having any stripes or damask) as we think it’s more comfortable. They can be tricky to fold, which can cause problems in the tidy linen cupboard. Here’s a trick we’ve discovered. Spread the fitted sheet on a flat surface with the fitted corners up. Fold it in half and tuck the top corners into the bottom corners and tuck the fitted sides into each other. Fold the fitted bed sheet again, sliding the set of corners under the other set of corners and the fitted sides under the other set of fitted sides. Then you have a square….fold into desired size.”

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