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Textured Bedding Sets

Enhance your bedroom and make it feel even more cosy with a new set of textured bedding. As well as looking especially inviting, textured bedding sets make getting into bed even more of a pleasure. Our range of textured bedding sets ranges from hotel-chic dobby striped bed linen through to classic seersucker bed sets.

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Bedding Makeover

Giving your bedroom a makeover doesn’t need to involve pots of paint or rolls or wallpaper. Treating yourself to a new bedset can make all the difference. Textured bedding is a wonderful way to transform your bedroom. It adds extra interest without dominating your bedroom, allowing you to accessorise with other elements such as a new throw or rug. 

Can you wash bed sheets with towels?

If your bed sheets and towels are similar colour, washing them together is a great idea because you’ll be saving on the energy and detergent needed to wash them separately. However, don’t be tempted to squeeze too much into your washing machine. Towels and bedding are bulky and your laundry needs space to move around in the washing machine drum in order for it to get a thorough wash. If in doubt, check how full your washing machine is – it should be no more than two-thirds full. Find out more about caring for your bed linen and towels in our care guides