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  1. White 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Valances
    Smooth, substantial Egyptian cotton

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Give your bed a neat finishing touch with a valance. A valance or bed skirt gives a clean, pleated drape around the bottom of the bed… hiding under-bed storage and whatever else you may have shoved under there!
Particularly if you have a divan bed, a bed linen valance is a useful decorative element. We’ve put careful thought into ours. The base section is made from 190 thread count cotton – hard wearing but inexpensive – and the trim is fashioned in 600 thread count cotton. This thicker cotton has excellent drape, with a crisp pleat and subtle sheen. Choose from classic white or contemporary cream for a chic look.
Thought a valance was old-fashioned? Not any more. Our valances are pleated with a few simple pleats in each corner and one in the middle on each side. We think this gives a modern and elegant style….what do you think? Want to see some good old-fashioned ruffles? Get in touch!

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