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  1. Velvet Quilted Bedspreads - Silver Grey
    Hand quilted, plush & comforting
    £100.00 - £145.00
    Out of stock
  2. Classic Cotton Quilted Bedspreads - Mid Grey
    Midweight pure cotton & classic
    RRP £200.00 Save 70%
    £60.00 - £80.00
  3. Silver Grey Ultimate Silk Bedspreads
    Luxurious silk, plush & comforting
    £102.00 - £144.00
  4. Luxury Cotton Waffle Bedspreads - Midnight Grey
    Breathable, lightweight & textured
    RRP £250.00 Save 80%
    £50.00 - £70.00
    Out of stock

4 Items

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There’s something wonderful about the way a grey bedspread or throw makes a bed seem instantly more inviting. Perhaps it’s the way this neutral tone lifts other colours without dominating them. We love the way a grey bedspread or throw adds warmth and texture to a whole range of bedroom styles.

Our grey bedspreads are an easy way to add warmth to your bed, making them the perfect extra winter layer. They’re useful in the summer too - pair with a flat sheet for a lighter alternative to a duvet. We have a wide range of grey bedspreads and throws. You could snuggle up with a grey cotton velvet bedspread or luxuriate with our sublime grey silk bedspread. Perhaps you want something more homespun? In which case you should take a look at our grey woollen throws and blankets. We even have intricately stitched grey cotton bedspreads for you to enhance your bedtime with.

To make life simpler, most of our grey bedspreads are machine washable. The luxurious silk grey bedspread needs extra-gentle care and should be dry cleaned.

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