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  1. Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towel Bundles
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Soft, snuggly, absorbent towels are one of life’s joys. So stay stocked up by treating yourself to one of our towel bundles. Choosing a towel bundle towel means you get more towels with fewer clicks and at a better price. What’s not to like? 

We sell a variety of towel bundles throughout the year and occasionally sell limited edition special offer towel bale bundles. Egyptian cotton towel bundles are always popular and for good reason. At a weighty 700GSM, they’re beautifully dense and warm - a real post-bath or shower treat. If you really want to treat yourself, look out for our Supima towel bundles. Made with certified Supima cotton and at a blissful 750GSM, they’re astoundingly plush - you might find yourself cutting your shower short just so you can bundle yourself up in your new Supima towels that little bit sooner. 

Our towel bundles are easy to care for; wash them in your machine making sure you stick to detergent only. Do not use fabric conditioner as this coats the cotton fibres and stops them absorbing moisture. It will also make your towels feel stiff over time.

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