Feather & Down Duvets

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  1. ReDown Recycled Duvets
    A greener, kinder way to hit the hay.
    £50.00 - £181.00
  2. Ultimate 90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets
    Recharge with our best-selling Hungarian
    £67.50 - £451.04
  3. Duck Feather & Down Duvet
    Great value natural insulation
    RRP £125.00 Save 82%
    £22.40 - £166.00
  4. Supreme 100% Canadian Goose Down Duvet
    Supreme lightweight insulation
    £248.00 - £1,036.00
  5. Luxury 60% Duck Down Duvets
    Great value down-rich insulation
    £52.00 - £233.00
  6. Ultimate 80% Goose Down Duvet
    Excellent lightweight insulation
    £58.50 - £276.00
  7. Supreme 100% Eiderdown Duvet
    World's rarest, most insulative down
    £2,350.00 - £7,350.00

7 Items

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Want to sleep like royalty? Then it has to be a feather & down duvet for you.
Famously warm, snuggly and breathable, feather & down duvets are the superstars of the duvet world.
Choose between a deep, dense, weighty duvet with a higher proportion of feather, or a light, airy, insulative duvet with a larger amount of down.
Down is incredibly insulating and very little is needed to create a super-warm duvet; you may be disconcerted by how unbelievable light a down-only duvet feels - like wrapping yourself up in a cloud.
Choose from the variety of feather & down fillings we have on offer. You'll find the most insulative and lofty duvets are filled with down from the coldest climates. So even less filling is needed to achieve that all-important tog rating.

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